Life is full of uncertainty and risk. Though we feel in control of what we do today, there is always the possibility that something unplanned could occur like injuries or ill health. Adequate protection can prepare for these unforeseen circumstances.

It is vital that in pursuit of financial goals you establish the areas which would be at risk should you be unable to work, and develop a plan to control or transfer these risks. 

Risk RetentionThis is Self-Insurance where the risk can be handled for less than the cost of going through an insurance company.

Risk Transfer If a given risk comes to pass, the resultant insurance claim can leave you and your family in the exact same financial position after a loss of your ability to generate sufficient income.

We can help you assess your lifestyle, family, business and financial commitments to ascertain what sort of protection could give you, your family and business partners peace of mind.

It’s not worth risking more than you can afford to lose.


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